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Comedian Eddie Izzard plans to fix U.K. Labour Party’s anti-Semitism problem

The accusations of anti-Semitism that continue to rock Britain’s Labour Party are beyond a joke, but stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard believes he can help tackle the problem.

Izzard joined Labour’s ruling body on Sunday, and wasted no time in facing up to the crisis gripping the left-wing party.

Writing in British tabloid The Mirror, he stated, “This is a very important time for the Labour Party and we must stamp out completely the stain of anti-Semitism from a minority of members. It has no place in our Party, in our country, or in our world.

“I have campaigned against racism and hate my whole life, and will continue to do so wherever it rears its ugly head,” he continued. Izzard, 56, added that his party “must make amends and repair the damage with the Jewish community as Jeremy Corbyn has promised to do.”

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