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Some thoughts about “Yeezy’s Weaponised Womanhood”

With his gift for provocation, you could only wish Kanye West’s fashion had more fangs. There was nothing here that he hadn’t done before.

Read the BoF article here.

Linking fashion performance with historical, political and social locations seems to be a privilege of US artists.  Interesting to know: Berlin fashion designers, movie producers and painters (Macke) as well as DADA performance artists (R. Hausmann) were closely connected by there ideas in the 1920th and even into the 1930th.

This tradition and creative power was destroyed by the Nazis. Leading fashion designers and artists became “entartete Kunst” (degenerated art) after 1933.  Terrible to see how the Nazi promoted fashison designers started to support Hitlers regime soon after it was installed.

Maybe it is time to remember this part of the fashion tradition in Berlin. The enclosed BoF article gives some clues on how to do it.